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Leap Day - Mozart I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is a collection of seven short stories that uses the one extra day we add on to our calendar every four years to keep our seasons straight. They range from scary to the bizarre. Each story is well written and gave me chills! Although not exactly horror, these tales are quite dark. I especially enjoyed a few of these stories. The first one, Leap Day, made me shake my head at the audacity of the protagonist, Bill. You would think he should know better! The next story I enjoyed was The Bridge. It was a poignant time travel tale that had a twist in the tail. Lastly, there was the tale called Andrea. It was a ghostly tale that sent shivers up my spine! The other tales were just as entertaining too.Mozart has a fantastic writing style that flows beautifully. Each story reminded me of the TV shows, Tales of the Unexpected and The Twilight Zone. Those stories used to creep me out when I was younger. However, now I'm older, and hopefully wiser, these stories, although dark, don't creep me out as much and I find them seriously entertaining.I highly recommend this book, and will keep an eye out for more tales written by this author in the future. If you like your short stories to be on the dark side, this is the book for you.