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Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession

Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession - Aneesa Price This is a fantastic paranormal erotic novella set in Johannesburg, South Africa!Simone is a normal housewife, who fantasizes about a hot lover as , although she loves her husband, she longs for the passion that has cooled between them. When they move into their new home, Simone has an experience that ignites her passion, but leaves her wondering just what has been unleashed.This is a very steamy, erotic novella that had me intrigued. Women have sexual fantasies all the time, but this book takes the chocolate - literally! I loved this story, but also found it a bit disturbing. Simone's ghost lover was quite creepy! I found myself wondering what type of person he was in life. There was a twist at the end of the book that makes me want to find out what the next confession will be!Aneesa Price has written a very HOT erotic novella that just about scorches the pages! That shower scene... whew! I do not recommend this novella to younger readers, due to the 18+ sexual content. However, I do recommend it if you love erotica, ghost stories or paranormal stories. - Lynn Worton