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I am a copy editor and proofreader and an avid reader. Some would call me a bookworm. My favourite genres are: Romance, Romantic Erotica, Mystery, Thrillers, YA, Paranormal, Supernatural, Science Fiction, General Fiction and Children's Books. I also have a Facebook page where I put all my reviews: Book Reviews by Lynn. You are welcome to join me there too. You are welcome to follow, comment and enquire.


Forgiven - Tich Brewster Makayla has had a terrible summer. Her twin brother blames himself for not protecting her. To add to her woes, her mom is in the ICU after being hit by a drunk driver. Eryc used to be her best friend, but can he help her mend her broken heart?This is a short story, but it packs an emotional punch. Makayla and Eryc have lived next to each other and have been friends for years. However, when they got to high school, Makayla wanted to be with the popular crowd, and began to shun Eryc's company. When her mother is injured in an accident with a drunk driver, Eryc becomes her mainstay. Will Eryc stay when he finds out a terrible truth?Tich Brewster has not only written a coming of age book, which deals with the usual teenage problems: peer pressure, sex before marriage, drugs and alcohol, but she has also written a romance novel. The characters are likeable and are exactly right for the story. The story does, however, have a slight Christian element to it. I have read similar stories to this one, but this one touched me and made me shed a few tears. I recommend this book if you enjoy YA Romance.