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Everspell: Spellbound Series, Book 2

Everspell - Samantha Combs Logan and Serena are trying to get their lives back together after Christophe's attempted kidnap of Serena for her special DNA in Book One. When an innocent mistake by their newly wed friends allows Christophe to escape, their chance of happiness is again threatened. With the assistance of their coven and some new friends and family, they will have to fight in an epic battle to secure their future. Will Logan and Serena manage to get their forever?This is the second book in the series from Samantha Combs.I love this series! Logan is a fantastic character, who has overcome a lot, but still manages to be sweet and kind. His love for Serena shines through. His thoughts still make me giggle. They also make Serena's twin brother smile! (I just love magic!). Serena has also grown as a character. As the head of the coven, she has great responsibility placed upon her shoulders. Her love for Logan has grown stronger too. As with the first book, each chapter is dedicated to a character. Logan's sister is also more involved in this story than before. There are also a few surprises and revelations that kept me turning the pages. The scenes with Skylar (Serena's brother) and the haunted computer kept me wondering, and very intrigued!I loved the battle scene, because Samantha has painted it with her descriptive words, and made it seem so real. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Samantha's smooth prose wove a picture so clear, I felt I was watching it from the sidelines!I am now looking forward to reading more of this series, and any other books that Samantha writes. I recommend this book if you are looking for a fantastic YA love story full of danger and intrigue.