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Burden of Blood (Blood Burden, #1)

Burden of Blood - Wenona Hulsey Nicole Keenan is a police officer in a sleepy county town. She is one of the best officers in the department. However, she is in denial about her secret "gift". All that is about to change when an ancient grudge catapults her into danger, and allows the power hidden within her to burst free. Her police partner, Luke has a few secrets of his own. Will Nicole be able to control her power to help the ones she loves?This is a fantastic paranormal story that took me on a roller-coaster ride of action and adventure.Nicole has been trying to deny and hide her ability to read the thoughts of those who plan to do harm. Undeniably, it does come handy in her line of work; As a police officer, her arrest record is impressive. She also finds out that she is the Granddaughter of a Fae Queen and a Warrior. When both her father and Kat are kidnapped to get to her, Nicole must dig deep to find the courage to use and control her powers.Nicole is a fantastic character, full of confidence and kick-ass attitude. She is fierce in her loyalty and defence of her family and friends. She also has feelings for her partner, Luke, but she is doing her best to keep it purely business between them.Luke is also a fascinating character. He is definitely handsome, but he has a secret of his own. He is a Warrior, sworn to protect Nicole. He also has feelings for Nicole, but respects her wishes to remain friends (for now).There are some other characters that add depth to the story; notably Nicole's father and her best friend, Kat, and later on, the introduction of Rhys and Sage. I was a little bit disappointed as I got to the end, as I didn't want the story to finish. I am now looking forward to reading the remaining books in this series.I do not recommend this book for younger YA readers, as there is profanity used. However, I highly recommend this book if you love a fantastic paranormal action/adventure/romance.