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The Barrowhouse Incident

The Barrowhouse Incident - Martin G. Naylor Review 7 out of 5It's been four months since Nick Collins moved into Hightower Cottage with his mother. Life has begun to settle after his previous adventures, but it's not easy looking after a world of thousands upon thousands of Elvereys in total secrecy.His mum's new boyfriend Dave seems to have sinister plans concerning his future, but Nick is hoping he can handle it.His life gets complicated again, when he finds out that his secret world is not as unique as he thought. His help is desperately needed, and this plunges Nick and his friends into new adventures. When Nick finds out the truth, the problems he has with Dave seem insignificant in comparison. Will he be able to help his new friends, or will he fail?This is the second book in the Hightower series by Martin Naylor. My nephew gave me this book to read, as he thought I would enjoy it. And he was right! I absolutely LOVED it. Nick is a twelve year old boy who has inherited a very special and important role, Overseer to the Elvereys. The Elvereys are very special. They are a tiny race of aliens that crash-landed several generations ago, and have been living on Earth ever since. Nick's ancestors are the protectors of the Elvereys, and the grounds of Hightower Cottage has become their home.Whilst out at a shopping centre with his mother and her new boyfriend Dave, Nick finds out that the Elvereys were not the only ones to crash all those years ago. When he finds out that their homes are in danger of demolition, Nick helps his new friends to move to Hightower Cottage. Meanwhile, Dave has sinister plans for Hightower Cottage, which Nick is hoping to scupper. However, all is not well in the Elvereys world; Napoleon is still after the Engine-Hearts.In this book we get to see how another group of Elvereys have adapted to the modern world. I love the character Mindi! She is a hoot! I love her little sayings like "We'll have to run it up the flagpole so to speak." and "Think outside the box". She has so many other sayings that make sense, but you would not say in normal conversation! The other character that stood out for light comic entertainment was Hercules! I loved him, but I think they (the Elvereys) should take that spear off him before he does either himself or others some serious damage! Not to mention his penchant for flashing his underpants! Oh, my eyes!!!There are exciting chases with swans and rats, and betrayal by friends, as well as some really laugh out loud scenes.I love Martin's style of writing and sincerely hope he will be writing more of Nick's adventures with the Elvereys, and that the next book will be coming out soon! I highly recommend this book for young teens and adults alike, as it is a rip-roaring adventure that will appeal to everyone.