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Golden - Monika Pardon Review 6******Ever wondered what happened to Goldilocks after her run-in with the bears? Then look no further! This is a most exciting and fast paced YA book, loosely based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but this book is certainly no fairy tale! I loved it!The cast of characters are so strong, that it seems like they could walk out of the book and into the room.Sonora Martin is a feisty blonde haired seventeen year old. Coming face to face with bears is enough to frighten anyone, but Sonora has courage in bucket loads! She has dealt with a lot in her short life, but nothing prepares her for what is to come.Luke is a charismatic character, full of secrets, but he is conflicted between what he wants and what others demand of him. I could easily fall for him myself! His brother isn't bad either! It doesn't hurt that they are shape shifters too!There are some characters I love to hate, and that includes Sonora's Aunt and cousin. They, along with some really creepy bad guys, are not exactly the nicest of people!One thing I loved about this story is that the author cleverly kept me guessing, with lots of twists, turns and unexpected events. At one point, I wasn't even sure who was on which side! The action was intense, and left me feeling breathless! I loved the interaction between Sonora and Luke. They are both stubborn, and tend to set each other off.The epilogue was extremely chilling, and made me impatient to read the next book in the series.This book is Monika Pardon's first YA novel, and from what I read, this series is going to be fantastic!I highly recommend this YA paranormal romance novel if you are looking for a shape shifting tale that takes a fairy tale and stands it on it's head!