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Blood Lust Rising (The Vampire Queen Trilogy, #1)

Blood Lust Rising (The Vampire Queen Trilogy, #1) - Fayth Devlin I have read many vampire/demon romance novels over the years, but the author has a completely unique take on the subject and has written an intriguing story that kept me turning the pages into the small hours!Ella Grey is a half breed vampire (still half human i.e. has a heartbeat). She is a hunter with the Shadow Agency, a sort of police force that hunts and kills demons. She is a fantastic character. She is feisty, loves a good fight and is secretly crushing on her partner.Micah McGregor is the son of the Shadow Agency's boss. He is extremely charismatic, and has his own secrets. I could easily see him walking around, going after demons. Fayth Devlin has written a clever, fast paced novel, which takes you on a roller coaster ride! The characters seemingly jump off the page (or is it you get sucked in? (no pun intended!)). The action is intense, and so is the bedroom action! There are some hot and heavy scenes here, so be prepared! I do not recommend this book for younger readers due to the explicit nature of some of the scenes. There is also a lot of profanity, so if you are easily shocked or offended, I do not recommend this book. However, if you are looking for a fantastic, steamy paranormal romance, this book is for you. I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy - the teaser at the end of the book certainly got me hooked!