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Vampire for Christmas

Vampire for Christmas - Felicity E. Heaton Review 6******I love Felicity Heaton's books! This story is no exception!Shannon is a human demon hunter, working for an agency that monitors demon's and their activities. She is a wonderful character. She is full of spunk and determination. However, the complication of her partner being a vampire has Shannon wanting to transfer out.Rafe is a reformed vampire, working for the agency in penance for his activities in the past. I love his character! He is uber sexy and charming. Unfortunately for me, he is in love with Shannon. He is determined to show her exactly how much.This is a sexy and funny read! This is a story that is not only full of humour (in the form of a demon that spits slime) and danger (again because of the demon), but it also is a straight romance. I love the interaction between the two protagonists as they battle not only the demon, but the feelings they have for each other. Being only 78 pages long it is not a long story, but it is a fantastic romance. There is a very HOT scene in the shower that steams up the pages, but it's not too explicit. That is saved for later! *fan's oneself!*.Felicity Heaton certainly knows how to turn the heat up in her romance novels! I guess that's why I love them so much. She has a talent in weaving a story that makes you believe in the characters and what they feel is real. Due to the explicit nature of some scenes, I do not recommend this book for younger readers. However, I highly recommend this story if you love HOT romances and/or sexy vampires. - Lynn Worton