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The Secret Of The Sacred Scarab

The Secret Of The Sacred Scarab - Fiona Ingram Review 7*******I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.WOW! This is the most exciting adventure book for children from the ages 9+! I loved it!Adam and Justin Sinclair (12 and 13 respectively) are cousins. They both live in Durban, South Africa. Their Gran and Aunt Isabel have arranged to take them on holiday to Egypt. When they get there, they have no idea what an amazing adventure is awaiting them.This book left me somewhat speechless! I was completely enthralled in this tale from the first page! The book took on a movie quality in my mind. I could almost smell the desert and feel the heat. The two boys are completely believable, along with the "baddies". This book is told mostly from Adam's and Justin's point of view, but there are a few scenes that are from Aunt Isabel and Gran's point of view too; these perspectives show what's happening while the boys are not around. The action is intense, and reminded me of the action scenes in the movie, The Mummy. There a heart pounding chases and a deadly sandstorm to contend with, not to mention the mystery surrounding the Sacred Scarab and why Dr. Khalid wants it.Fiona Ingram has written a fantastic, fast paced adventure that was very well researched. The attention to detail with regards to the stories and legends of the Egyptian gods, as well as the hieroglyphics, is very educational and informative. I have always been interested in Egypt, the Pharaohs and their gods. This book brought them to life in a way that captured my imagination. There are also some fantastic sketches in the book, which are very well drawn, and show what's happening in key places.It was also a treat to read a story where the "heroes" were not from America or England. No offence to those countries!I highly recommend this book to children and adults alike! I am now dying to read the next exciting adventure in the series! - Lynn Worton