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Loving the Rain (Clay and Tanner Thomas, #1) - Jeff LaFerney Review 6******This book is a wonderful and suspenseful read, and it kept me riveted! Clay Thomas has been living with a secret that has been eating him up for a long time, because he cannot speak to anyone about it and share the burden; As a teen, he found he could influence people by thought alone. He is a very complex character, but he loves his wife and son. He does seem to be aloof, but that's because he is afraid of his powers. Instead of embracing them, he is ashamed and tends to avoid eye contact.Tanner, his son, is a fantastic sportsman who has a lot of confidence and good leadership abilities. He is very charismatic, and has an intensity about him that is almost palpable.There are some other great characters in this book, but special mention should go to the Coach. He is certainly a colourful character!Although I am not an avid sports fan, I loved how Jeff Laferney has woven a story through the use of sport. The story is told through different points of view, and the reader is masterfully drawn into the action. And what action! The sports (American Football and Basketball) are intense and nail biting in their description. I certainly felt like I was actually sitting watching them! I am now looking forward to reading the next book, The Skeleton Key. I highly recommend this book if you love a great suspense/action novel.