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Bewitch (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance, #5)

Bewitch - Felicity E. Heaton This is the fifth book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre Series. I loved it!Payne is a fascinating character. He is part vampire, part incubus. He hates his incubus side, so he tries his best to control it as much as possible. He is sexy and likes to be in control. When he meets Elissa, her beauty and spunk intrigues him. Elissa is a witch, but also a woman with a mission. She needs Payne's help though. She is extremely stubborn, but when she meets Payne, her curiosity and desire gets the better of her.This is a fantastic continuation of the series. I loved the flow of the story. Payne and Elissa's mutual attraction could almost set the place on fire! To say that Payne has a bit of emotional baggage is like saying the Atlantic Ocean is a lake. However, as his story unfolded, I got to see something that I think he didn't know he was letting slip - his vulnerability. This made me want to hug him, but I think Elissa would have had something to say about that! I think they make a great couple, as his weakness is her strength and visa versa. The ending was bitter sweet for me, as I know that there will only be one more book in the series. However, I'm eagerly awaiting it too, as it is Snow's story (Unleash). I've been wanting to hear his story from when he was introduced in the first book. Please note that this book is for adults only (18+), as it is extremely explicit and erotic. There is also light BDSM, dominance and submission themes.Felicity Heaton has written a fantastic erotic romance series that is already steamy and turns up the heat to boiling! She is number one on my favourite erotic romance author list. I love all her stories (the one's I've read so far!), and will continue to read them so long as she writes them! I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love paranormal erotic romance, or books with sexy vampires, witches, incubi, werewolves etc. - Lynn Worton