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Divergent (Divergent Series #1)

Divergent (Divergent Series #1) - Review 6 out of 5Tris is a sixteen-year-old, living in Chicago, who has to make a decision whether to stay with her family in Abnegation (the Selfless), or to switch to one of the other four factions: Dauntless (the Brave), Candor (the Honest), Amity (the Peaceful) and Erudite (the Intelligent). What she does next shocks even herself, and changes her life forever.I absolutely loved this book! Tris has to make a life changing decision that could either see her staying with her family, or moving to another faction never to see her family again. Veronica Roth has created a dystopian world that puts a shiver up my back. But having said that, it's characters seem to leap off the page and seem very real. I love the interaction between the characters, especially the romance between Tris and Four. This is a YA book I would highly recommend to everybody. I have already let my 14-year-old nephew read it, and he loved it! We are both now looking forward to the release of Insurgent in May!