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Before You Go

Before You Go - Ella James Margo Ford becomes a heiress after her father dies and her insanely rich mother officially claims her. When terrorists hatch a plan to kidnap her, Margo's mother arranges a summer for her on a private island. This island has an astronomical observatory filled with scientists, including Logan Greer, a gorgeous but infuriating planet-hunter. Margo thought hiding out on the island would be boring, until it wasn't any more.This is a short story from Ella James. However, there is a lot of action and romance. Margo is a fifteen year old who, when her father died and her extremely rich mother claims her, finds herself the centre of attention for kidnappers. When her mother sends her to a private island, Margo meet Logan. Logan is a seventeen year-old student, who is being sponsored by Margo's mother. Romance begins to bloom between the two. However, danger is not too far away.This is a superb love story. It is sweet and touching and I absolutely fell for Logan. He's a fantastic character, who has a lot of baggage, but I think that makes him better. Margo is a typical teenager, who comes across a bit spoilt, but I don't hold that against her; She is feisty and can hold her own. I recommend this book if you would like a romance that is a quick read and well written. I am definitely reading more of Ella James's books in the future.