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Her Fallen Angel (Her Angel, #2)

Her Fallen Angel (Her Angel, #2) - Felicity E. Heaton Annelie fell in love with Lukas when he walked into her pub three years ago. He is gorgeous, with vivid green eyes that are stunning. Unfortunately, he's out of her league. When he gets drunk and confesses that she's beautiful and he wants her, Annelie can't resist him. When she finds out he's an angel, Annelie doesn't believe that their feelings for each other are not a sin. She does believe his pain when he tells her he is fallen, cast out of Heaven for a crime he didn't commit. Lukas decides to ask Apollyon to help him discover who had framed him. However, will Lukas and Apollyon be able to stop them from coming after the women they love? Warning: This book is for adults only, as it contains scenes of an explicit nature.This is the second novella in the Her Angel series. I love Felicity's writing! She paints fantastic pictures with her words.Annelie is a fantastic character. She is kind and loving, and has loved Lukas for a long time, but knew he was out of her league. Lukas is a fallen angel who has been framed. However, he has always felt drawn to Annelie. One night he gets a bit tipsy, and confesses his desire, and she finds out that he's actually a fallen angel. They both decide visit Apollyon to ask for his assistance in finding the real perpetrator of the crime Lukas had been accused of. When Lukas finds out who framed him, the sense of betrayal is palpable. Although this story is short, it contains a lot of action, plus the inclusion of Apollyon from the previous book. It also introduces the next character in the series, Einar, who is a demon hunter. So that makes it triple the pleasure! I highly recommend that you read this book if you love a great story, along with some sexy angels!