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Madman's Dance (Time Rovers - Book 3)

Madman's Dance - Jana Oliver Review 6 out of 5 (I give 10 out of 5 for the series!)This is the third and final book in the Time Rovers series.History is being threatened by a multi-century plot to bring the Transitive shape-shifters to power. Only Jacynda can set everything back on course, but that will be difficult. She's been abandoned in a Victorian asylum with no memory of who she is. Her friends are also facing adversity. Dr. Alastair Montrose is caught between uncovering the truth, and foes who want it kept hidden. Detective-Sergeant Jonathon Keats is still on the run for a woman's murder. Keats's arch enemy can prove his innocence, but he's not about to come forward; not with his daughter in danger. Can Jacynda get her memories back in time to help thwart an anarchists cache of explosives from creating the biggest conflagration since the Great Fire in 1666? If not, there will be no sanctuary from the Madman's Dance.I absolutely LOVED this series. Jacynda is such a strong character. I sometimes wish I was as brave as her. There is also a new character to add to the cast, in the shape of Jacynda's new boss. He's a mysterious man, but as the story unfolds, I find myself falling for his charms. I hope you do too. As I have said in my previous reviews of Jana's books, I love her writing style. It flows with such passion and gives me, the reader, a whole new appreciation for the written word. It was a bittersweet moment when I finished this book, as I was sad that it was coming to an end. I would love to go on another adventure with Jacynda; if she ever decides she is ready for a new one, that is. If you have not had a chance to read any of these books, or the Demon Trappers series by Jana, then I say "What are you waiting for?". This is a fantastic epic adventure, with a roller-coaster pace; there are twists and turns galore! I am now excitedly looking forward to reading Jana's new Demon Trappers novel, Forgiven, which is due for release here in the UK at the beginning of March