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Tempest (Tempest Trilogy Series #1)

Tempest (Tempest Trilogy Series #1) - I loved this book, as it was a refreshing change to read a book from a boys point of view. It is also unique as time travelling novels are concerned.This is the story of Jackson, who seems to be an ordinary teenage boy of 19, but in reality, he is far from ordinary. He can jump back in time. He has one friend who knows his secret, Adam Silverman. Adam is the scientific type and convinces Jackson to keep a diary of his jumps. The reader reads the story as if from the journal kept by Jackson.One night, some people burst in on Holly and Jackson, and the unthinkable happens. Jackson, in his anger and grief, accidentally jumps backwards in time by two years (further than he had jumped before), and finds himself having to live his life as his 17 year old self, with no way of getting back to the future.I love Jackson as a character, but it is the bittersweet love story between Jackson and Holly that captured my heart. I really felt Jackson's anguish at not being able to get back to his correct time and prevent the tragedy that had occurred. I will be on the look out for more of Julie Cross's books in the future.