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Audio/Book Review of Sacrificed (The Ignited Series Book 2) by Desni Dantone

Sacrificed - Desni Dantone

Kris Young is no normal seventeen year old.

She’s the worst thing to come along since the black plague, and she will do anything to alter the destiny she was made for. Failure is not an option. But ifthe shadows of evil overcome her…

Only one person can stop her.

When she meets Micah, she doesn’t expect him to save her life, or to offer his help. They were born enemies after all. Though he boasts noble intentions and a belief that, together, he and Kris could swing the tide of the war to the side of good once and for all, Kris can’t help but suspect that he is hiding something.

They have a plan…

Strengthened by new allies, Kris and gang take their fight to the Skotadi. As they discover shocking secrets and grow closer to learning of the evil-doers ultimate plans, Kris worries that time has run out. Struggling with her inner demons, she does the only thing she can to protect the ones that she cares about most, even if it tears her heart in two.

Question is, where will her heart lead her?

Book two in the Ignited Series, Sacrificed continues the journey of Kris, Nathan, Alec, and Callie as they set out on an adventure to alter destiny. Lasting friendships are formed, lives are changed, romance sizzles, and hearts are broken in this exciting follow up to Desni Dantone’s debut, Ignited.

Review 4*

This is the second book in The Ignited series. I really enjoyed it!

I downloaded this book in audiobook format, as I wanted to listen to it after listening to the first book, Ignited, not so long ago.

The audiobook is again narrated by Lisa Larsen. She did another great job in reading this story and she brought the characters to life. Her voice, I felt, suited the character of Kris and her interpretation of the story kept me hooked from beginning to end. Her reading pace was neither too fast, nor too slow, which allowed me to picture the scenes perfectly. I would definitely listen to other books narrated by her.

Kris Young is a great character. I liked her very much when I first met her. She is very level-headed but, she can be a little stubborn and gung-ho at times, which I found a bit irritating. I have enjoyed watching her come to terms with her newfound identity as a Skotadi. It's not easy finding out that you are not who you thought you were, and that you were living a lie. But now she will face an even bigger challenge. Can she control her dangerous demon, or will she let the darkness consume her?

I started to listen to the story, which continues on from the end of the first book, and was quickly drawn back into the tale. Kris, Nathan, Callie and Alec are on the hunt for the mysterious boy who haunts Kris's dreams. Their search leads them to a small town where they finally meet Micah. There is something about this character that I just couldn't like. He came across as very manipulative, secretive and arrogant, and not in a good way. There are a few other characters introduced, but they didn't seem as well developed and felt a bit one-dimensional compared to the main ones. The story is full of several twists, which kept the story entertaining. I loved getting to know the original characters better, especially Alec, as he is struggling with his own inner demon. I still think he's hotter than Nathan, but then again, what do I know? The war between the Skotadi and Culla is still heating up, with Kris as a prize. Her destiny is still shrouded in mystery, but it has been extremely enjoyable watching her grow more confident in controlling her darker side.

In my review of Ignited I said I was not fond of love triangles and this still is true. I think I can now add love squares to the equation too! It's all very nice having three guys falling for you, but it is stretching my imagination just that little bit too far! I am sorry, but I just can't understand why the author would introduce a third suitor into an already crowded romance! I really wanted to give this story top marks, because the story was exciting, dangerous and full of twists. But adding another character into the romance mix is making an already complex situation even more difficult to follow. However, other readers may not have the same reaction as I did, so I will leave it to them to decide for themselves.

I reached the end of the story, which again ends on a twist, and I am looking forward to reading/listening to the next book in the series as soon as possible.

Desni Dantone has written an exciting, pulse pounding sequel. I love her writing style, which is fast paced but not rushed. Her characters and the scenes come alive through her descriptions and they are easy to picture in the mind's eye. The flow is wonderful and each scene runs seamlessly into the next. She has mixed ancient myths of Greek gods into a modern YA paranormal romance that will completely hook you in. This is one debut novelist to keep an eye on!

There is some sexual content in this book and although I highly recommend this book to young readers who love books like the Percy Jackson series, with Demi-Gods and myths mixed in with a little romance, the scenes may be a little too explicit for those under the age of sixteen. I also recommend this book to adults who love to read YA paranormal romances. - Lynn Worton