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Forever (Guardian)

Forever (Guardian) - Gillian Joy, Kaylene Green Book Review 6 out of 5Hannah is the Venatorcustos, Guardian of all supernatural beings. She has been reborn and is living in Australia with her family. Being Guardian of the supernatural is hard enough, but trying to raise her family in peace is harder still. The Mermaids and Fairies are requesting her help. Can Hannah help them, and sort out her personal problems before she loses the one man she loves forever?This is the second book in the Guardian series by Gillian Joy.Hannah has been reborn and is living in Australia with her small family. She is still a strong character, who loves Gabriel, but because she is the Guardian and he is a vampire, can they ever be together?. Now a mother herself, she is terrified of exposing her children to the supernatural world too soon.I love how Gillian has brought a new dimension to the story with the addition of the Mermaids and Fairies. These are great characters. However, I love Foster's character; he reminds me of a naughty boy getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar! His sister seems to be more grounded, which comes in handy as she's to be the next Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen is quite scary! I wouldn't want to cross her! Gillian uses her imagination to great effect in this book, and I particularly enjoyed her description of the cave. It was beautifully written.This is a fantastic story and I highly recommend you read this book, as it has a lot going for it; There's action, adventure, mystery and above all, it's a fantastic love story. I'm now looking forward to reading anything written by this author.