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Bloodspell - Amalie Howard Victoria Warrick is aware that she is different to everyone else. She is not sure why she is different; she just knows she is. The students at her school bully her and call her names. On her seventeenth birthday, Tori receives an old journal, which holds a dark secret. She finds out she's a witch and that she has unimaginable power running through her veins. To avoid gossip after an incident at school, she moves to a new school in a nearby town. There she meets Christian Devereux. Christian has secrets of his own, and struggles with his growing attraction with Tori. He knows that being with her is forbidden, but he can't seem to help himself. Can Tori and Christian overcome the law forbidding them from being together?I loved this book! My first thought when I began reading the book was "This is good!". As I got further into it and delved deeper, it changed to "This is fantastic!". I couldn't put it down! I must admit that when Tori and Christian first met, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Oh, no. Not another Twilight knock-off!". But, it is not at all like Twilight. It is unique. I love how Amalie has combined the world of witches and vampyres. The vampyres have a covenant which forbids them from consorting with witches. I went through a lot of emotions whilst reading this book! I felt for Tori as she tries to struggle with her new powers, and the call of the blood magic. Christian struggles with his attraction to Tori, and I could feel his anguish as he fought against the need to take her blood. I hope there is another book, as I would like to find out if Tori and Christian do overcome the law forbidding them from being together. I would definitely recommend this book if you like witches and vampyres