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Book Review of God is in the Little Things: Messages from the Golden Angels by Patricia Brooks

God is in the Little Things: Messages From the Golden Angels (Volume 2) - Patricia Brooks

God is in the Little Things: Messages from the Golden Angels is a riveting true story which reveals Patricia's struggle to reclaim her connection to her Higher Self and discover the meaning of her life. Travel with Patricia through her past lives from ancient Rome to the cobblestoned streets of colonial Boston. Cry with Patricia as she shares the intimate details of her struggles and how she learns to heal her broken heart. Spiritual revelations unfold before your eyes as Patricia discovers the true meaning of life and begins living her new life with clarity and purpose. Watch as Patricia moves from wounded and weak to a powerful and empowered spiritual being.

Review 5*****

A friend of mine recommended this book to me, but I was a little bit skeptical about it, as it is not my usual choice of genre. However, I decided to give this book a try. I am glad I did, because I really enjoyed it. I was riveted from the first page.

I do not see myself as an especially religious person, but I try to keep an open mind about all religions. I have come to the realisation that I am more of a spiritual believer than I had previously thought. Reading this book has opened my eyes to this. I am not a huge fan of memoirs or even books about religion and spirituality, but this book somehow spoke to my inner being.

This book is one woman's journey to find spiritual enlightenment to God using various methods such as prayer, meditation, past life regression and mixtures of East and West religious practices. Her journey is truly inspirational.

In a way, her journey has made me realise that things do happen for a reason. I was faced with a life altering decision earlier this year to leave my full time job and pursue my dream of working for myself as an editor and proofreader. I kept having a prodding feeling towards this and, once I finally did put in my notice, the total feeling of rightness that flooded me was freeing. I don't know if this was God's (or the angels') way of saying "go for it", or if the universe was doing the same. However, having read this book, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps there is a higher power (call it whatever you will, depending on your religious belief (or lack thereof)) watching us all, directing people who are willing to listen towards the paths they should be on. I am not sure if I believe in fate or destiny, but I am grateful to my friend for recommending this book to me.

Patricia Brooks's story is an inspirational tale. Her journey to find her Higher Self has made me want to do the same. I am not sure that my journey will be any easier than hers, but one can only hope that once the journey is over, my life will be richer (spiritually) than it is now.

I highly recommend this book as a MUST READ, no matter what religious beliefs you may or may not have. - Lynn Worton