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Music Review of Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind by Laura Sullivan


Review 5*


I recently reviewed a CD by Laura Sullivan called Mystical America. I loved it, so when I was contacted by the artist wanting to know if I would be interested in reviewing her newest album called Calm Within, I quickly agreed. She sent me a complimentary MP3 copy of her music, but due to the Christmas holidays I never had a chance to listen to it. Until now. I loved it so much, I've actually bought a copy of it too.


This album consists of ten songs. Each song is geared towards peace and tranquility of both body and mind. I started to listen to the album and instantly I could feel my heart rate slow and the tension leave my body. Why I didn't listen to it whilst preparing for Christmas, I don't know. However, I am seriously kicking myself for not doing so!


This music is slightly different to Mystical America, as there is some singing (in the form of vocalization with no words) in the first song, Emerald Isle. The music in this album contains more guitar, pan pipes and violins compared to Mystical America, which was more piano focused. It also seems to have more of the Native American influence to it compared to the Celtic one Mystical America had. The music seems more sweeping (I think that's what its called) and would easily fit into a movie score. By the time I finished listening to the whole album, I felt completely relaxed. This would be an ideal accompaniment to having any type of beauty treatment such as therapeutic massage, or as light background music at a dinner party, or in a shop. It is also ideal to listen to when relaxing on the sofa and reading, or if you have trouble getting to sleep.


Laura Sullivan is an accomplished and award winning artist. As I listened to her music I felt her passion. She pours her soul into each song. I am grateful to her for contacting me, and I am looking forward to listening to more of her music in the future.


In conclusion, I would highly recommend this music to everyone looking to wind down the stress levels with easy listening, soothing music. If you like listening to instrumental or new age music but haven't listened to this artist yet, I urge you to do so soon. - Lynn Worton