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CD Music Review of Mystical America by Laura Sullivan


Mystical America: Relaxing Piano Music, Spa Music, Calming Music, Meditation Music, Yoga, Reiki, Soothing, Instrumental, Background, New Age, Healing, With Mt. Shasta: Beethoven Moonlight Sonata


Review 5*


I don't usually review music unless I've purchased it for myself, but I was approached by the artist to review this album. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to purchase a physical CD so that I could listen to it on my CD player/radio in my bedroom.


I love all different types of music, from classical to hard rock (although, rap and improvised jazz is a no-no for me), so when I was asked if I wanted to listen to Mystical America, which is new age, I eagerly agreed.


This is a fantastic album! I love every single song on this album (of which there are twelve), which is rare for me. I struggle to find a CD nowadays where I enjoy every single song. There are four themes (Magical Creations, Sacred Symbols, Mysterious Messages and Nature's Splendor) with three songs in each theme. Each song filled me with peace and serenity. The music is ideal for those of us who want a little "me" time from the frantic rat race we call life. This is the type of music I associate with massage therapy (aromatherapy or Reiki) or meditation. I have tried other CD's in the past (with whale calls and sea washing on a beach) in an effort to calm my mind. However, I found myself either getting bored or annoyed with it and ended up turning it off. Not so with this album. Although this is just over an hour long, I could listen to it on repeat quite easily. The piano, which is played beautifully, is accompanied by a variety of instruments including flutes, harps and violins amongst others. It has an almost Celtic/Folk feel to it. The music is instrumental, with no singing, which I didn't mind at all. Sometimes I feel that voices can ruin music, rather than accompany or enhance it. Instrumental music is beautiful in it's own right.


Laura Sullivan is an accomplished and award winning artist. As I listened to her music I felt her passion. She pours her soul into each song. I am grateful to her for contacting me, and I am looking forward to listening to more of her music in the future.


In conclusion, I would highly recommend this music to everyone looking to wind down the stress levels with easy listening, soothing music. If you like listening to instrumental or new age music but haven't listened to this artist yet, I urge you to do so soon. Whether it's relaxing in the bath or sitting on the couch with a good book, this music will help sooth the soul. If you're a beautician, Yogi, massage therapist or shop owner looking to relax your customers, this is just what the doctor ordered. - Lynn Worton