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Hannah's Voice

Hannah's Voice - Robb Grindstaff Review 6******I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.WOW!! This is an extremely touching story! I loved it!Hannah is a wonderful character. She is a precocious six year old when the story begins, but picks up again 12 years later.This is a fantastic story that had me on a roller coaster ride of emotion! I struggled to put this book down, as I was completely hooked with Hannah's tale. Hannah as a 6 year old is sweet and curious. However, due to an event where the truth is seen as lies, Hannah decides to stop speaking. I can understand why she did what she did, but I honestly don't know how she kept from speaking for so long! Twelve years is a long time not to utter a single sound. I struggle not to talk for 5 minutes, even if it's to myself! Selective muteness is usually due to trauma, but there are those who consciously decide not to talk; Hannah is one such person. This story has a few scenes that had me in tears, so be prepared with a tissue! There is an element of religion, but it is in context and is not preachy. The older Hannah has matured into a wonderful woman, who knows what she wants - to find her Momma. Oh, and to eat some pancakes!Robb Grindstaff has written an amazing debut novel! To say this is his first novel, it certainly doesn't feel like it! The story flowed beautifully, and the pace of it never left me feeling bored. I would certainly read the next book written by this author. I highly recommend this book to everyone! - Lynn Worton